Back Office Support Services

  • What is Back Office Support?

Back office support is a complete solution for your growing business. We are here to help in your bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and tax filing. We will be using Cloud based accounting software as tool to deliver our service. We will be your outsourced team looking at your books daily, helping you focus more on your business.  

    • Recording of transaction daily thru DRAFT report submitted from your end.
      1. We will teach your office staff to record DRAFT transaction
      2. Our staff will then check the DRAFT and post the same in the books.
      3. We will do bank reconciliation, checking and review of every transaction made.  
      4. Our responsibility is to record and account  the same in XERO and produce financial reports.
    • File BIR Returns as follows
      1. Monthly BIR Filing
        1. Form 1601C – Monthly withholding tax on Compensation Return
        2. Form 1601F – Monthly Final Withholding Tax Return
        3. Form 0619E – Monthly Withholding tax on Expanded Return
        4. Form 2550M – Monthly VAT Return
        5. Esales Filing
      2. Quarterly BIR Filing
        1. Form 2550Q – Quarterly VAT Return
        2. Form 2551Q- Quarterly Percentage Tax Return, if applicable
        3. Form 1701Q/1702Q – Quarterly Income Tax Return
        4. Form 1601EQ – Quarterly Withholding tax on Expanded
        5. Form 2551Q – Quarterly Percentage Tax Return
        6. Semestral Summary List of Regular Supplier of Goods and Services
        7. Semestral Summary List of Tenants, if applicable
      3. Annual BIR filing * – subject to annual fees
        1. Form 1604CF – Annual Summary of Withholding tax on Compensation
        2. Form 1604E – Annual Summary of Withholding tax on Expanded
        3. Form 0605 – Annual Registration Fee
        4. Annual Inventory Report
    • Filing of BIR Returns thru EFPS filing, if applicable only. THE FIRM authorization is limited to maker only.
    • Submission of Monthly Reports
      1. Corporate Taxpayer
        1. Income Statement
        2. Balance Sheet
        3. Changes in Equity
        4. Cash Flow Statement
        5. Comments & Recommendations
      1. Individual Taxpayer
        1. Income Statement
        2. Balance Sheet
        3. Cash Flow Statement
        4. Comments & Recommendations
    • Writing of Books of Accounts per quarter only after filing of 1701Q / 1702Q
    • Year- end reports
      1. Trial balance
      2. Depreciation Schedule
      3. General Ledger
    • Payroll Services for 15 employees (additional fee applies in excess of 15 employees)
      1. Semi monthly payroll computation
      2. Payslip generation
    • Employee Benefits (additional fee applies in excess of 15 employees)
      1. SSS registration, reports and payment
      2. PHIC registration, reports and payment
      3. HDMF registration, reports and payment

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