DTI Registration

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DTI Registration

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What is the purpose of DTI Registration ?

The purpose of DTI Registration is to make sure no other business or organization has the same name as yours. This is the first step for starting a sole business without the hassle. 

What are the requirements ?

DTI Registration Requirements
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • 1 Valid ID (SSS, GSIS, Passport, Voter’s ID, or any government-issued ID)
  • Application Form
  • Documentary Stamp worth PHP 15
  • A set of three business names

Registration Fee (based on the extent you want your business name to solely be yours.)
  1. Barangay – Php 200
  2. City/ Municipality – Php 500
  3. Regional – Php 1,000
  4. National – Php 2,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It depends if you are going to use a brand name or just your name. If only your name, then NO need to get DTI registration. Your name is already unique and you can register directly to BIR. If you prefer to have a business name different from your given name then you should get DTI Registration.
  • Yes, a Business Name Registration merely provides the business a legal identity; in order to actually operate the business, you need a Business/Mayor’s Permit.
  • Yes. A foreign national and refugee/stateless person should be at least 18 years of age to register a business name. A Non-Philippine national also needs to obtain a Certificate of Registration of Sole Proprietorship/Certificate of Authority to Engage in Business in the Philippines pursuant to RA 7042 (Foreign Investment Act). For a Refugee or stateless person, he/she needs to be issued a written recognition from the Refugee and Stateless person Protection Unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ-RSPPU), and whose recognition is not subject to cancellation, revocation, or cessation, in accordance with applicable government rules and regulations.

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