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Company Registration Services in the Philippines

Company Registration Services in the Philippines for Foreign Businesses

Are You Struggling with Foreign Company Registration in the Philippines

People from other countries can make investments in the Philippines because it is in a good place and has a growing market. But it is not easy to start a business there if you are not from the country. You have to know the rules for foreign ownership and how to follow them. It is important to get help from experts who know about the rules and how to make a business successful.

Company Structures Permitting Foreign Ownership seeking to expand in the Philippines

For businesses with international aspirations, the Philippines offers several company structures that permit foreign ownership. These structures include:

Branch Office

This option allows foreign corporations to expand their operations in the Philippines without having to enter into partnerships with Filipino companies.

Representative Office

This structure is designed for foreign companies that intend to primarily serve their businesses located abroad.

Regional Area Headquarters (RHQ)

An administrative branch of a foreign corporation engaged in international trade in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and other foreign markets.

Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ)

An extension of a foreign corporation that is allowed to derive income in the Philippines by performing qualifying services to its head office, affiliates, subsidiaries, or branches in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and other foreign markets.

Company Structures Local Company in the Philippines

  • Domestic Corporation: is the most commonly used type of corporation. It is equivalent to a Private Limited Company (PLC) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in other countries. This type of corporation is established locally. 
  • One Person Corporation: is a business entity that has a single stockholder. This single stockholder is responsible for being the incorporator, sole director, and president. The liability of the single stockholder to the OPC is limited to the extent of their assets.

Company Registration Protocols in the Philippines

Understanding the company registration protocols for foreign entities in the Philippines can be a challenging task. However, working with a trustworthy partner such as Cbos Business Solution can help simplify the registration process and ensure complete compliance with all regulatory requirements. 


If you are interested in establishing a sole proprietorship in the Philippines, it is essential to follow specific regulations. By collaborating with experienced consultants, like those at Cbos, you can gain a competitive edge and ensure efficient business setup.

About Us

At CBOS, we specialize in guiding foreign investors through the process of registering a company in the Philippines. Our team is equipped to help you choose the right business structure and navigate the requirements of foreign ownership, ensuring a smooth process. Whether you are establishing a domestic corporation, foreign branch office, or a sole proprietorship, we are committed to providing guidance every step of the way. Our goal is to help you understand and overcome the complexities of the Philippine business registration process.

Why Cbos is the Right Choice:

  1. Business Structure Consultation: We help you choose the most suitable business structure that fits your business model.
  2. Documentation Management: We handle all necessary paperwork with precision, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration process.
  3. Application Submission: We submit all applications to relevant institutions such as the SEC and DTI, ensuring accuracy and promptness in submission.
  4. Licensing and Permits: We help you obtain all the necessary business licenses, certificates, and permits. Our goal is to keep your company compliant with all local regulations.
  5. Communication: We prioritize transparent communication, keeping you updated on the registration status and any required actions. Interested in registering your company in the Philippines?

Interested in registering your company in the Philippines?

Contact CBOS Business Solutions Inc for highly efficient and seamless company registration services in the Philippines. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that your business expansion endeavors will be facilitated with utmost professionalism and expertise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign entities are permitted to establish sole proprietorships in the Philippines, provided they meet the minimum capital requirement of US$ 200,000.00. However, it is important to note that the business activity should not be included in the list of investment areas that are restricted or partially restricted to foreign entities as per the Foreign Investment Negative List (FINL).

Businesses in the Philippines can be registered as one of the following: Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or Cooperative.

Yes, as long as the business activities are not listed under the Foreign Investment Act (FIA) Negative Lists A& B. For domestic companies under Philippine laws, foreign ownership can go up to 40%. It can exceed 40% under specific conditions like minimum foreign investments or if 60% of the business output is exported.

Key steps include reserving your company name, preparing notarized documentary requirements, submitting documents to the SEC, and obtaining the necessary permits, certificates, and clearances.


We offer comprehensive assistance in all areas of organizing and registering your business. This includes choosing the optimal business structure, preparing documents, processing applications with the SEC or DTI, and securing all necessary licenses, permits, and certifications.

Absolutely. We hand-deliver all registration applications to relevant agencies to avoid issues like lost or late deliveries. We also ensure you're updated on the progress of your application throughout the entire process.