Drafting the Articles of Incorporation: A Guide for Philippine Businesses

The Articles of Incorporation is a fundamental document required to register a corporation in the Philippines. It outlines a company’s basic information, structure, and compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a Filipino lawyer guiding you through this legal process, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation is a document that formally establishes the existence of a corporation in the Philippines. It must be in compliance with the Corporation Code of the Philippines and submitted to the SEC for approval.

Key Components of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Name of the Corporation: It must be verified and reserved with the SEC.
  • Purpose of the Corporation: This includes both the primary and secondary purposes of the business.
  • Principal Office Address: A physical address where the corporation can be served with legal notices.
  • Term of Existence: Corporations can now exist perpetually unless a specific term is stated.
  • Names, Nationalities, and Residences of Incorporators: Must be natural persons and majority must be residents of the Philippines.
  • Number of Directors or Trustees: Must comply with the Corporation Code, which requires a minimum of five (5) but not more than fifteen (15).
  • Authorized Capital Stock: The amount of capital the corporation is authorized to acquire.
  • Subscribed Capital Stock: The portion of the capital stock that the incorporators agree to subscribe to.
  • Paid-Up Capital: The actual amount paid by the subscribers at the time of incorporation.
  • Personal and Tax Information: TIN of each incorporator and director.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drafting

  • Reserve a Corporate Name: Use the SEC’s online system to reserve a unique name.
  • Identify the Incorporators and Directors: At least 5 but not more than 15, who must hold at least one share of stock each.
  • Determine the Corporate Purpose: Clearly state the primary and secondary business activities.
  • Decide on the Corporate Structure: Including the capitalization, number of shares, stock value, and details about the board of directors.
  • Draft the Articles: Use the SEC’s prescribed format or seek legal assistance to draft the document.
  • Notarize the Articles: Once complete, the Articles of Incorporation must be notarized before filing with the SEC. Prepare
  • Additional Requirements: Such as the Treasurer’s Affidavit, and other SEC-mandated forms.
  • Submit to the SEC: File the notarized Articles, along with the other requirements and the necessary filing fees.

Tips for a Smooth Filing Process

  • Ensure Accuracy: Errors in the Articles can cause delays. Double-check all entries.
  • Understand the Commitment: Incorporators and directors have legal responsibilities. Ensure you are informed about these roles.
  • Keep Records: Maintain copies of all documents submitted for your records.
  • Legal Assistance: Consider hiring a lawyer to navigate the legal intricacies and ensure all requirements are met.


Drafting the Articles of Incorporation is a critical step in establishing a corporate entity in the Philippines. It requires attention to detail and adherence to legal requirements. With careful preparation and understanding of the process, you can set a solid foundation for your corporate venture.

Navigating the business landscape in the Philippines can be both rewarding and intricate. Whether you’re embarking on a new venture or scaling up, ensuring that your corporate endeavors are in line with local regulations is paramount.

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