How to Choose a Company Name: Guidelines from the Philippine SEC

Choosing the right name for your company is the first step in establishing your brand identity. In the Philippines, the process is governed by specific rules and regulations outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Here’s how to ensure your company name meets these guidelines.

Understanding SEC Naming Guidelines

The SEC mandates that a company name should be distinctive, not misleading, and not resemble any existing entities to avoid confusion. It should also comply with legal restrictions and reflect the nature of the business.

Tips for Choosing a Company Name

  1. Distinctiveness: Your company name should stand out and not be confused with any existing company or trademark.
  2. Relevance: Choose a name that reflects the nature and values of your business.
  3. Legality: Avoid names that could imply government affiliation or that are restricted by law or regulation.

The SEC’s Criteria for Company Names

  1. Uniqueness: The proposed name must not be identical or nearly identical to any existing name registered with the SEC.
  2. No Government or International Organization Association: Names that suggest government ownership or connection with international bodies like “UN,” “WHO,” or “ASEAN” are not permitted.
  3. Appropriate: The name should be appropriate for the company’s business and not be deceptive about its activities or scope.
  4. No Professional or Trade Association: Unless the company is legally constituted as such, names suggesting connection with a profession or trade organization are not allowed.
  5. Language: Names may be in any language provided they comply with all the other requirements.
  6. Restricted Words: Certain words like “bank,” “finance,” “insurance,” and “trust” are restricted and can only be used under specific conditions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing Your Company Name

  1. Brainstorm: List potential names that are aligned with your business identity and operations.
  2. Check Availability: Use the SEC’s online name verification system to check the availability of your chosen name.
  3. Reserve the Name: Once you find an available name, reserve it with the SEC to prevent others from taking it.
  4. Prepare Alternatives: Have a few backup names in case your first choice is not approved.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Avoid Names That Are Too Generic: Names that are too common may be rejected or may not stand out in the market.
  • Steer Clear of Acronyms and Abbreviations: These can be too vague and are often rejected unless spelled out.
  • Don’t Mimic Famous Brands: This could lead to legal issues and is likely to be rejected by the SEC.

The name you choose for your company is a critical element of your brand and legal identity. Following the SEC’s guidelines closely will not only help you avoid the inconvenience of a rejected name but also position your company clearly in the marketplace. Take the time to choose wisely and ensure that your company name embodies the essence of your business.

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