How to Ensure Compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act for Business Registration

The Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 (Republic Act No. 9485) and its subsequent amendments, including the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018 (Republic Act No. 11032), aim to streamline the process of business registration and reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies in the Philippines. For businesses, ensuring compliance with these regulations is essential to facilitate smooth and efficient interactions with government agencies. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to ensure compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act for business registration.

Understanding the Anti-Red Tape Act

The Anti-Red Tape Act mandates government agencies to:

  • Simplify procedures and reduce processing times.
  • Establish a Citizens Charter detailing the process, requirements, fees, and timelines for transactions.
  • Implement a zero-contact policy to prevent corruption.
  • Provide assistance and streamline processes through the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA).

Key Steps to Ensure Compliance

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Citizens Charter

Requirement: Government agencies are required to publish a Citizens Charter. Action:

  • Obtain the Charter: Access the Citizens Charter of the relevant agency where you are registering your business. This document outlines the steps, requirements, and timelines for various processes.
  • Follow the Guidelines: Adhere to the procedures and requirements listed in the Citizens Charter to avoid unnecessary delays.
  1. Prepare Complete and Accurate Documentation

Requirement: Submit all required documents accurately and completely. Action:

  • Checklist: Use the checklist provided in the Citizens Charter to ensure you have all the necessary documents.
  • Double-Check: Verify the accuracy and completeness of your documents before submission to avoid rejections or delays.
  1. Submit Applications Through the Prescribed Channels

Requirement: Use the official channels for submitting applications to ensure compliance with the zero-contact policy. Action:

  • Online Portals: Utilize online portals and electronic systems provided by government agencies for business registration. These platforms are designed to streamline the process and minimize face-to-face interactions.
  • Authorized Offices: If online submission is not available, submit documents directly to authorized offices or one-stop shops.
  1. Adhere to Processing Timelines

Requirement: Government agencies are mandated to process applications within specified timelines. Action:

  • Track Timelines: Keep track of the processing timelines mentioned in the Citizens Charter. Follow up with the agency if the processing exceeds the stipulated time frame.
  • Receipt Acknowledgment: Obtain a receipt or acknowledgment upon submission of your application, which includes the expected date of completion.
  1. Utilize the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) Services

Requirement: ARTA provides oversight and assistance to ensure compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act. Action:

  • Seek Assistance: Contact ARTA if you encounter unreasonable delays or difficulties in the registration process. ARTA can provide guidance and intervene if necessary.
  • Report Issues: Report any non-compliance, inefficiencies, or corrupt practices to ARTA for appropriate action.

Best Practices for Ensuring Compliance

  1. Stay Informed

    • Regularly check for updates on the procedures and requirements for business registration. Government agencies may revise their processes to improve efficiency.
  2. Maintain Good Record-Keeping

    • Keep thorough records of all submissions, communications, and receipts related to your business registration. This documentation can be valuable if any issues arise.
  3. Engage Professional Help

    • Consider engaging legal or business consulting professionals who are familiar with the registration process and Anti-Red Tape Act requirements. They can help navigate the complexities and ensure compliance.
  4. Provide Feedback

    • Participate in feedback mechanisms provided by government agencies. Your feedback can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the registration process.
  5. Leverage Technology

    • Make full use of available technology and digital platforms for document submission, tracking, and communication. This can significantly reduce processing times and improve compliance.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. Incomplete Submissions

    • Submitting incomplete documents can lead to delays and additional costs. Ensure all required documents are complete and accurate before submission.
  2. Ignoring the Citizens Charter

    • Failing to follow the procedures and guidelines outlined in the Citizens Charter can result in non-compliance and processing delays.
  3. Delaying Follow-Ups

    • Not following up on your application within the specified timelines can cause unnecessary delays. Stay proactive and keep track of your application’s status.
  4. Bypassing Official Channels

    • Using unofficial channels or intermediaries can lead to compliance issues and potential legal problems. Always use the prescribed methods for submissions and communications.


Ensuring compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act for business registration in the Philippines is crucial for a smooth and efficient process. By following the guidelines, preparing complete documentation, utilizing official channels, and seeking assistance from ARTA when needed, businesses can navigate the registration process effectively.

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